Curomin is the standardized formulation of Curcumin, an active component of Turmeric herb. Curcumin provides yellow pigment to turmeric Rhizomes and responsible for its medicinal properties. Curomin is 6 -10 times higher bioavailable than normal curcumin with high dispersibility, stability and various effective therapeutic function. Curomin is used for preventing a multiple of diseases and has been shown a wide spectrum of biological action.

Comprising of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, Hepatoprotective, & anti-microbial properties, Curomin is alleviating cognitive decline associated with aging, relieve inflammations such as- arthritis, joints pain, muscle twisting, swelling, maintain liver health, combat microbial infections, also take care of skin inside out.

Curomin act as cardio-protective, that helps to improve the functioning of heart, regulate blood pressure, maintain healthy lipid profile and reduces the chance of atherosclerosis.

Curomin have amazing Anti- diabetic action that helps in controlling blood sugar level along with reducing the diabetes related symptoms. It has scientifically proven anti-cancerous properties which provide supportive action in different cancers treatment and reduces the chance of negative painful symptoms of chemotherapy & radiation. 

Due to neuroprotective actions, Curomin can boost neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine (a feel-good brain hormone), increase blood flow, improve memory, fight against depression & various age-related brain degenerative processes, thus- effective in Alzheimer’s disorders as well.

From the ancient time Turmeric seems very beneficial in various respiratory problems like- asthma, bronchial disorders (cough & cold) & various allergies, So, Curomin does the same in very effective way.

Curomin significantly helpful in reducing fatigue, improve immunity power and reduces the symptoms of autoimmune disorders like- diabetes, asthma, inflammatory bowel disease, psoriasis etc. It may help to improve digestion, reduce bloating & gas formation by stimulates to gall bladder to produce bile juice. 

Curomin shows effective results against skin problems such as allergies, acne, rashes, inflammations etc. and also speed up wound healing process.

The Photoactive Curcumin molecules acts together in target cells by multiple way and significantly show positive results in overall health. Curomin has been proven to be greatly beneficial in wellness and beauty products.